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About us

almost 33 years

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Our family has been engaged in breeding and promoting the Pyrenean Mountain Dog (also known as the Great Pyrenees) breed for almost 33 years. We wanted to have a family dog that is imposing, elegant, reliable, and most of all patient with children. In 1990, we bought our first dog, Karcagpusztai Hermina (Hermina from Karcagpuszta) from Mr. József Bukovszki, holder of the Hungarian Master Breeder title. We have not regretted for a single moment having chosen this breed; we have been devotees ever since.

Being a pastoral dog, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are territorial and protective of their property and family. They are, however, always very gentle and patient with children. There is no need to train them to guard and protect their territory, they were bred to be livestock guard dogs and therefore it’s in their genes. They can instinctively differentiate between indifferent and threatening situations. We were motivated by the appearance and temperament of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog to try and breed them. After obtaining the required breeding licenses, we began to invest significant efforts and financial resources in this project.

Our breeding goal was to get puppies that are healthy, conform to the breed standard, display the characteristic features of this breed and have a strong nervous system. We have been able to create an excellent breeding stock that is unique in Hungary using French, Belgian and Swedish bloodlines. Pyrenean Mountain Dogs born in our Rodentáli litters are currently competing in conformation shows in 8 different generations (they are either owned by us or by people who purchased them from us). Our pedigreed animals are excellent for further breeding; foreign breeders often use the genetic materials of our dogs. Our breeding stock has undergone health screenings (dysplasia, DNA) and we have all required breeding licenses.

We have been recognised with the Hungarian Master Breeder (Gold-crown master breeder) title on three occasions, which we owe to the fact that we focus on quality instead of quantity. To get this title, a breeder needs to have obtained a total of 36 (minimum CAC) national certificates with dogs from 12 different litters. In addition to participating in conformation shows, even more importantly, we want to make future Pyrenean Mountain Dog owners happy and help them find a true companion.

Our dogs traveled to many parts of the world – Europe, the Middle- East, Asia, USA, South-America, Canada, Indonesia, South- Africa – to their new family.

Please check out our website, and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, over the phone or personally.

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