Good to know - Pireneusi hegyikutya tenyésztő

Good to know

This breed is not recommended for those who

  • want an easily trainable dog that obeys orders willingly, or
  • only want to purchase a specimen of this breed because of its beauty.

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (also known as the Great Pyrenees) are independent-minded, free-willed and somewhat reserved. If you are looking for a loyal and reliable yet autonomous companion, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog may be the right choice for you. You have to get used to the fact that these dogs will not cling on you, and some yummy training treats will not be sufficient to train them. Pyrs are particularly attentive to children. They learn very fast what is allowed and what is not, so they are pleasant companions.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog generally does very well with other (even large-sized) animals in the houseGuarding is in their blood and genes. They require a lot of space, and they will be happiest if they get a lot of exercise. Despite of being a giant breed, Pyrs are still very fast and, when in the right mood, playful. The most important characteristic of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is its attitude and elegance.

You should pay attention to the following when selecting a puppy. Males are dominant and have a strong guarding instinct, but they are very trainable if the owner is confident and consistent. Females are somewhat easier to train because they do not behave dominantly, however, they are harder to handle when on heat. The puppies are super cute with their disproportionately large paws, and have coordinated movement from a very young age. Tooth and muscle development is very important. Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are very territorial, and therefore must have their own territory to protect. This is an emotional breed that – even though seems to be reserved – needs a lot affection and physical contact, which is why they often snuggle up against their loved ones.

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